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近五年(2013—2017 年)广东中考单项选择 (按语法分类) 1、冠词 (2013)26.—What do you want to be in the future, Lucy? —I want to be _____ pilot. It is _____exciting job. A. a; a B. a; an C. a; the D. the; an (2014)26. Eric is not going to Nanjing by____ plane. Instead, he is taking ____train. A. /; a B. a; / C. a; the D. the; a (2015)26.—Do you like _____ movie Big Hero 6 ? — Yes, it is _____ interesting film. I like it very much. A. a; an B. the; an C. a; the D. the; a (2016)26.Brazil, ______country in South America, will hold ____31th Olympic Games in the August, 2016. A. a; a B. a; the C. the; a D. the ; the (2017)26.I went to supermarket to buy birthday gift for my aunt yesterday. A. an,a B. a,a C. the, / D. /,the 2、代词 (2013) 27. Boys, don‟t lose____ in playing Angry Birds. It is bad for your eyes to play computer games for a long time. A. himself B. yourself C. themselves D. yourselves (2014)27. - Hello, Linda speaking. Who's______? - Hello, this is Martin. A. he B. one C. that D. this (2015)27.—Look at this model ship. I made it all by ______ last week. —Wow, you are so smart! A. me B. my C. mine D. myself (2016)29.-I'm a little hungry Daddy. -See the cupcakes on the plate, but you can only take______, dinner is ready soon. A. it B. one C. this D. that (2017)27.Jessica used to be a manager at a big company,but she gave up job when she became a mother. A.she B.hers C.her D.herself 3、名词 (2013)28.—Mum, I‟ve heard that we can‟t eat ____ these days. Is it true? —Take it easy. It is safe to eat cooked meat. A. chicken B. chickens C. a chicken D. the chicken (2014)28. Katherine was excited to receive a dozen of roses from her husband on _____ Day. A. Woman B. Women C. Woman's D. Women's (2015)28. Mickey mouse is one of the most famous _____ in American ___. A. symbol; culture B. symbol; cultures C. symbols; culture D. symbols; cultures (2016)27. The broken ______may cut into your hand if you touch it, you should be careful. A. glass B. glasses C. candle D. candles (2017)29.Daniel has tr to lose by eating less recently,but two kilos has been put on instead.

A.weight B.weights C.height D.heights 4、数词 (2013)29.— Excuse me, sir. Here‟s a package for Lin Tao.Which room does he live in? — __________. A.308 Room B. Room 308 C. The Room 308 D. The 308 Room (2014)29.It's never too old to learn. Karl Marx began to learn English in his______. A. the fiftieth B. fiftieth C. fifty D. fifties (2015)29.I live in Room 403, Sam lives in the room right above mine, on the _____ floor. A. third B. three C. fifth D. five (2016)28.Please turn to page________and take a look at the picture on it. A. the eightieth B. eightieth C. eighties D. eighty (2017)28.Two months ago,China tested its aircraft carrier(航空母舰)built completely on its own. A.one B.first C.the one D.the first 5、介词 (2013)32.— Kelly, who‟s the girl _____ glasses in the photo? — It‟s me. I used to wear glasses and have long hair. A. by A. for A. without A. along with (2017)35.it`s very kind A.of 6、形容词 (2013)33. —What do you think of the film So Young directed by Zhao Wei? — Wonderful. I think it‟s _____than the other films about youth in recent years. A. the best A. very large ______ people. A. less; less B. fewer; more C. more; fewer D. less; fewer (2016) 32. Among the four seas off the coast of China, East China Sea is the second______. A. deep B. deeper C. deepest D. the deepest (2017)30.It`s believed that playing computer games too much does harm than good. A.many 7、副词 (2014) 40. Take care when you are driving, _________in a summer storm like this. A. immediately B. especially C. probably D. recently (2015)41. The final exam is very important. We must treat it _______. B.much C.more D.most B. the worst B. the larger C. much better C. much larger D. much worse D. the largest (2014) 33. I've heard that Zhuhai Chimelong Ocean Kingdom is one of ____ ocean parks in Asia. (2015) 33. Bob knows how to cut the cost of the project. I‟m sure he can do the work with _____ money and B.for B. of B. with B. under C. on C. against D. with D. beyond C. with D. for (2014) 32. Most people are____ building a paper factory near here. They are worr the river will get polluted. (2015) 32. Could you please give me a hand ? I can‟t complete the task on time ______ your help. (2016) 35. Many young people put mobile games___anything else, Thinking little of their normal lives. B. behind C. before D. in front of you to lend me your reusable shopping bags C. to D.with

A. serious B. seriously C. careless D. carelessly (2016) 38. According to a recent survey, ______three fifths of working mothers in China don't want to have a second child. A. mostly B. especially (2017)32.We can collect rainwater when it rains A.softly 8、动词短语 (2013) 34. Again and again the doctor_______ the crying baby girl, but he couldn‟t find out what was wrong with her. A. looked over B. looked after C. looked for D. looked out - Don't worry. You can D. keep in touch with (2014) 34. - I will miss my family when I go abroad for further study this autumn. ______them by e-mail. A. come up with B. get along with C. make friends with (2015)35. —Mum, shall we go to the beach tomorrow? — It ______ the weather. A. carries on B. lives on C. depends on D. holds on (2016) 37. Murder and Susan______for Shanghai to attend an international meeting yesterday. A. put off B. fell off C. set off D. kept off (2017)36.If you want to know more about space, please the book A Brief History of Time. A.look through B.look around C.look after D.look down upon 9、动词(不定式) (2013)41. --I didn‟t hear you come in just now. --That‟s good. We tr ______any noise, for you were sleeping A. not make B. not to make C. to make D. making (2014)43. In order ____ for the meeting, my sister forced herself to get up early this morning. A. not to be late B. not being late C. to be late D. being late (2015)39. We advise parents _____ their children at home alone in order to keep them away from danger. A. not leave B. not to leave C. leave D. to leave (2016) 36. Leonardo DiCaprio, a famous American actor, was always expecting______an Oscar and finally he made it. A. to win B. will win C. not to win D. not winning (2017)33.For more than once,our head teacher asks us the habit of keeping a diary. A.develop B.develops C.developing D.to develop 10、情态动词 (2013)37. — Someone is knocking at the door. Is it Ann? — It _____ be her. She is giving a performance at the theatre now. A. may B. must C. can‟t D. mustn‟t (2014) 37. — ______ you come with me to Lang Lang„s piano concert this evening? — I'd love to, but I have to study for my math test. A. Should B. May C. Must D. Can (2015) 37. Look! The traffic light has turned red. We _____ stop our car. A .can B. can‟t C. must D. mustn‟t B.heavily C.noisily C. partly D. nearly and use it to water plants. D.quietly

(2016)34. — Mom,______I visit the art museum next Monday? — I'm afraid you can't. All museums in the city are closed on Monday. A. would B. need C. should D. may (2017)34.To keep children safe,we put the things like knives and medicine away in our house. A.may B.should C.can D.might 11、被动语态 (2013) 42. It _____ last week that the haze(雾霾)in Beijing caused many problems. A. reports B. reported C. is reported D. was reported (2014) 39. Although Flight MH370 has been missing for months, I do believe it _____ some day in the future. A. will find B. won„t find C. will be found D. won‟t be found (2015)40.— Have you heard of the song Little Apple? —Yes. It ______ every morning when aged people do square dancing downstairs. A. is played B. plays C. was played D. played (2016)42. He Jing______to give a speech at the graduation ceremony at Harvard University last month. A. invites B. invited C. is invited D. was invited (2017)42.The waiter told me that free parking for the hotel guests. A.provides B.provided C.will be provided D.was provided 12、时态( 进行时、一般过去时) (2013) 31. Today‟s young people can‟t live without smart phones. They keep their hands on the phones whenever they go, even while they_______meals A. had B. will have C. are having D. were having (2014)31. - I didn't see you at the beginning of the party last night. - I _____ on my biology report at that time. A. worked B. work . C. was working D. am working (2015) 31. Don‟t disturb Allen now. He _________ for the Spelling Bee competition. A. prepares B. prepared C. is preparing D. will prepare (2017)38.Sue wasn‟t happy because she the concert given by her favorite singer. A.misses B.missed C.will miss D.is missing 13、 完成时 (2013)43. — Your shoes are so old. Why don‟t you buy a new pair? —Because I___________ all my money on an MP5. A. spend B. have spent C. am spending D. was spending (2014) 36. — What do you think of the new foreign teacher Thomson? —Pretty good. I think he ________ a great job so far. A. does B. did C. has done D. was done (2015) 42. Lei Feng ______ for many years, but his spirit is still encouraging us. A. d B. has d C. was dead D. has been dead (2016)38. School violence______much attention of the whole society and people are calling on the government to make laws against it as early as possible. A. drew B. will draw C. has drawn D. was drawing (2017)40.Betty hard since last term .That‟s why her exam results are so good! A.has worked B.will work C.worked D.was working 14、主谓一致 (2013)35. Not only my friends but also I _____ interested in football and Messi is our favorite star. A. be B. am C. is D. are (2014)35. - Do you need more time to complete the task?

- Yes. Another ten days____ enough. A. is B. was C. are D. were (2015) 34. —______ there any living things on other planets? — I have no ideas. Maybe we can know more about that in the future. A. Is B. Are C. Has D. Have (2017)31.-----Is there any outdoor learning in your school? -----.We learn outdoor once or twice every month. A.Yes,there is B.No,there isn‟t C.Yes,it is D.No,it isn‟t 15、连词 (2013)30. Think it over, _____ you‟ll work out the math problem. A. or B. so C. for D. and (2014)30. - Shall we go for a picnic in the forest park tomorrow? - Yes, ______it rains heavily. A. if B. unless C. until D. when (2015)30. I have only two tickets for TF Boy‟s concert. ____ you ___ he can go on with me. A. Either; or B. Neither; nor C. Both; and D. Not only; but also (2016)31. The traffic policeman took away games, driver's license______he broke the traffic rules of drunk driving. A. though B. because C. till D. and (2017)39. “A white elephant”means something that is useless, it may cost a lot of money. A.unless B.until C.since D.although 16. 状语从句的时态:主将从现 (2013) 36. If Nancy ______ the exam, she will go to Australia for English study. A. pass B. passed C. passes D. will pass (2014) 41. - I wonder whether Brazil will win the match later tonight. -Go to bed first. I will wake you up as soon as the match _____. A. starts B. started C. will start D. is starting (2015) 36. --- Sir, Jenny wants to know when she can leave the office. --Only when she ______ copying this report. A. finishes B. finish C. finished D. will finish (2016) 40. Unless the weather______, we'll have to cancel the picnic. A. improve B. improves C. improved D. will improve (2017)37.Johnson won‟t answer the phone if he the number. A.knew B.doesn`t know C.will know D.didn`t know 17、定语从句 (2013) 45. The young lady _____is interviewing Lin Zhixuan about the program I am a singer is from 21st Century Talent Net. A. who B. whom C. which D. whose (2014) 42. When Robinson Crusoe got to the island, the first thing ____ he did was to look for some food. A. who B. that C. which D. whom (2015)44. Running man is a very relaxing TV program ________is hot among the young people. A. what B. which C. who D. whom (2016) 43. Great changes have taken place in our city in the past ten years. Everything ______comes into sight is so new to me. A. that B. which C. who D. whom (2017)44.According to a survey,people are able to speak two languages can manager

two things at the same time more easily. A.which B.whom C.whose D. who 18、宾语从句 (2013)39. —Have you asked the policeman _______? — Yes. He told us to turn left onto Main Street. It‟s on the right. A. if there is a bank near here B. how can we get to the nearest bank C. where can we find a bank D. when we can go to the nearest bank (2014)42. - Do you know____ ? - 8,844. 43 meters. It's a popular place with mountain climbers. A. how high is Qonolangma B. how long is Qonolangma C. how high Qomolangma is D. how long Qonolangma is (2015)44. —David asked______ in China. — Of course not. Chinese usually shake hands with a lady as a greeting. A. why he can greet a lady by kissing her B. why he could greet a lady by kissing her C. whether he can greet a lady by kissing her D. whether he could greet a lady by kissing her (2016)45. -I wonder______. -It will fall on a Saturday. A. how will National Day fall on this year B. How National Day will fall on this year C. What day will National Day fall on this year D. What day National Day will fall on this year (2017)43.-----Do you know yesterday? ------Yes. He went for the boat race. A.why didn‟t Peter go to school. B.why doesn‟t Peter go to school. C.why Peter didn‟t go to school. D.why Peter doesn‟t go to school. 19、感叹句 (2013)38. Mo Yan won the Nobel Prize for Literature last year. ________ excellent he is! A. How B. What C. What a D. What ans (2014)44. - Do you know Wang Feng? He can remember 100 groups of numbers in five minutes. - Yes. ____ man he is! A. What a smart B. How smart C. What a stupid D. How stupid (2015)38. --So far, Su Bingtian is the only Chinese who finished the 100-meter race in less than 10 seconds. --_______ he runs! A. How slow B. How fast C. What a slow D. What a fast (2016)41. -It is reported that cancer can be controlled at a temperature lower than 100℃ below zero. -Really?______ nice surprise! A. How B. What C. What a D. What an (2017)41.--Aamir Khan played the part of a great father in the movie The talk of Fatherly Love. -excellent actor he is ! A.What B.what a C.What an D.How 20、情景交际 (2013)44. —Rose isn‟t here today. Is she ill?— ________. I saw her at the doctor‟s this morning.

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