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2 0 1 7 英 语 语 法 专 练 九年级第一学期 ( A: ) B: C: D:

语法书-专项训练 1-P2.(第一周) ( )1.There are some in C:bread did you the fridge. A:fruit ( )2. B:dishes chicken B:What I think you’d B:too Amazon B:The…/ Browns on the D:ice-cream have for lunch? D:How much A:How ( )3. C:How better much is shorter C:/…/ a football door. C:were not many eat C:so than sweets. many Nile. D:so much A:too ( )4. many A:An…a ( )5.The D:The…the match when the guests A:was ( knocked watching B:is watching for great needs watching . D:are watching )6.China wall is famous B:the A:great ( wall C:Great Wall to make D:the Great Wall the rivers clean. )7.The government money A:a lot C:a large amount of B:a great many D:a large number of ( )8.Washington is the capital of C:the . America D: Americans A:America ( A:a )9.We good B:an should advice good news America . take B:an advice advice good advices . C:some ( )10.TV D: some lots good of often gives us A:informations C:piece of information B: information D: pieces of informations

语法书-专项训练 2-P4. (第二周) ( to )1.In his letter,Uncle Lee told us many about his visit the United States. B:stories C:information D:truth exams. A:news ( )2.I spent large numbers of preparing for the final A:energy ( B:time C:hours D:strength )3.Many tourists from different come to visit Shanghai every year. A:country ( )4.Miss B: countrys Smith doesn’t B:many finally got several have C: countries housework C:a lot of C:proves D: country ’s to do today . piece A:much ( )5.We D:a his innocence. D:prooves basketball on the A:proof ( )6.A B:proofs group at the B:plays aunt store. B:a loaf of Daming supper has of boy moment . students playground A:play ( )7.My C:is playing bought cotton D:are playing for me at the stockings department A:a ( pair of )8.Wang for C:a some piece of ,and D:a group of caught his family will have today . C:fishes…fishes in this hospital . C: women doctor D: women doctors A:fish…fishes ( )9.There are B:fishes…fish many D:fishing…fish A:woman doctor B: woman doctors ( )10.Last much many week I ate B: too D: too . many much hamburger hamburgers A:too C: too hamburger hamburgers

语法书-专项训练 3-P5. (第三周) ( )1.There was B:many need B:a )3.Don’t much need pair eat B:so huge mud on the ground of after the heavy rain. A:any ( A:a ( )2.I C:much scissors of to C:a cut D:lot the paper. of D:two to your many about teeth . D:so many piece chocolate .It ’s much bad C:too A:too ( )4.We amounts of C:newspapers our new flat . computers . A:books ( B:notes in D:information )5.We have furniture furniture may B:a and A:much C: plenty ( B: msny D: a lot furnitures of furnitures at a building D:amount site . of . )6.You find lot Mrs of Green rubbish A:many ( )7.Mr C:plenty are a happy A:pair ( B:group C:couple are D:people powered by . D: electricities in class . )8.Electrical appliances B: electricity A:electric ( C: electricitys )9.Would the students like to have a discussion on A:pollution ( )10.What a nice B: pollutions we are C:a having B:a pollution today! nice weather weather D: some pollutions A:such C:so nice weather a weather D:nice 1. 不可数名词没有单、复数区别,一般以单数对待,物质名词喝抽象名词多数为不可 数名词 2.不可数名词如果要计算的话,要使用“单位词” 3.不可数名词可以用以下一些量词修饰

语法书-专项训练 4-P6. (第四周) ( )1.Li Dong is a friend of my .We often play card games together。

A:brother ( )2.The B: brothers children enjoyed C: brothers’s themselves C: Children’s my home at D: brother ’s the D: Childrens’ to school . Palace . A:Childs’ ( B: Children )3.It ’s twenty B:minutes there any walk from A:minute ( )4.Is C:minute’s in C:todays’ was used C:Nobel are C: fathers good D:minutes’ newspaper? D:today of roads. news A:today ( )5. B:today’s Explosive B:Nobels’ and Peter ’s for making A:Nobel’s ( )6.Tom’s D:The Nobel’s friends. A:father ( )7.My B:Father scarf is softer D: Fathers . D: Kittys’ than C: Kittys A:Kitty ( )8.Susan B: Kitty ’s and Betty live in the same flat .It is . A: Susan C: Susan ( and and Betty Betty ’s of B: the have you B: Susan’s D: Susan’s and and Betty Betty ’s is covered with water. )9.Three-fourths earth’s surface earth finished ? . day’s work A:the ( C: earth’s D: the earths’ )10.What I have finished B:a A:a day work working C:day’s D:a-day-work

语法书-专项训练 5 ( )1.To say P9-P10.-A(第五周-上) one C:is…is classmates C:are and Mary B:have been thing ,to do D:are…are when we were at college . it another. something B:are…is A:is…are ( )2.She and B:was Tom I A:am ( )3.Both D:were the exam . A:has C:have ( passed passed passed D:had passed the teacher C:have seen our going to a party there just now. seen )4.Not seen the students but B:were and seen dancer B:are D:were and A:was ( D:has this )5.The singer attend attend a evening . A:is to to attend attend girl C:has been there. D:has been to C:shall be ( )6.Many boy many gone A:have ( been B:have but )7.Nobody Smith and John in the laboratory D:was to moving Paris . yesterday . A:are ( B:had been with her B:has C:were parents , C:are )8.Mary,along moved A:have ( moved D:have burnt been last moving night . )9.The factory ,including B:had of been the B:is pair its machines , C:was A:were ( )10.Either to D:has been mine . books of C:is A:belong ( D:are too long for me.Please show )11.This me of trousers another. B:were C: is D:was A:are

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