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Unit 1 What's the matter(with sb)? What's wrong (with sb)? What's the trouble (with sb)? What's the problem (with sb)? What happened (to sb)? I have a headache 头痛 I have a stomachache 胃痛 I have a toothache 牙痛 I have a backache / sore back 背痛 I have a nosebleed 流鼻血 I have a fever 发烧 I have a cold 感冒 I have a cough 咳嗽 I have a sore throat 嗓子痛 I have a heart problem 有心脏病 She has the flu 她患了流感 He hurt his leg. 他的腿受伤了。

He hurt himself. 他伤到了自己。

be/feel sick 生病 cut one's +身体部位 切到了 fall down 摔倒了 Sb+ should+do sth 某人应该做什么 Sb+ need to+do sth 某人需要去做什么 take one's temperature 量体温 drink some hot tea with honey 喝加蜂蜜的热茶 see a dentist and get an X-ray 看牙医拍 X 光片 lie down and rest 躺下休息 put some medicine on the cut 在伤口上敷药 take breaks 休息 get some rest 休息 go to the hospital in time 及时去医院 go to a doctor 去看医生 sound like 听起来像 need to 需要去… all weekend 整个周末 in the same way 以相同的方式 shout for help 呼救 go along 沿着…走 next to 紧挨着、靠近 see sb doing sth 看见某人正在做某事 think twice 再三考虑 get off 下车 have to do sth 不得不做… expect …to… 期望… wait for 等待 to one's surprise 令某人惊讶的是 agree to do sth 同意去做某事 thanks to 多亏,由于 in time 及时 on time 准时 think about 考虑 save a life 拯救生命 right away 立刻,马上 ——at once get into trouble 陷入麻烦 used to do sth 过去常常做某事 be used to doing sth 习惯于做某事 be used to do sth 被使用来做某事 fall down 掉下来 run out (of) 用光,耗尽 ——use up keep on doing sth 继续做某事 go on doing sth 继续做某事 carry on doing sth 继续做某事 make a decision 做决定 get out of 离开;从…出来 be in control of 掌管;管理 give up 放弃 cut off 切除 be interested in… 对…感兴趣 because of 因为、由于 be ready to do sth 准备好去做… be ready for sth 为…做好准备 Unit 1 clean up 打扫、清楚 I'll help to clean up the city parks. cheer up(使)变得高兴、振奋起来 She wants to cheer up the sick kids in the hospital. give out 分发(食物、衣物、钱…) The boy could give out food at the food bank. come up with 想出、提出(主意、计划) think up 想出 We need to come up with a plan at once. put off 推迟 You can't put off your plan to work in an animal hospital. make a plan 制定计划 I am making a plan to work in an old people's home. make some notices 制作一些通知单 We should make some notices to tell people about our plan. hand out 分发 They are handing out notices to tell people about the book sale. call up 打电话给(某人) 、征召 He wants to call up all his friends to help him. used to 曾经…、过去… Tom used to ride his bike to go to school.

care for 照顾、 非常喜欢—look after、 take care of I want to learn more about how to care for animals. help out with 帮助解决困难 He should ask you to help out with your homework. at the age of 在…岁的时候 Mary could read books by herself at the age of four. try out 参加…选拔、试用 Lucy decided to try out for a volunteer. at the same time 同时 I can do what I love to do and help others at the same time. be busy with 忙于… My mother is busy with housework now. be worr about 担心… Her father is always worr about her study. raise money 筹钱 We can make plans to raise money for homeless people. take after(外貌或行为)像——look like Jimmy takes after his father. fix up 修理——repair He has many old bikes to fix up now. be similar to 与…像 Sally is similar to her mother. set up 建立、设立、成立 This group was set up to help disabled people. make a difference 影响、有作用 Lucky makes a big difference to my life. be excited about 对…很兴奋 I was excited about the idea of having a dog. volunteer to do … 自愿去做… volunteer one's time to do… 自愿花时间去做… I volunteer my free time to help the people in need. come true 实现 I believe my dream will come true one day. work out 解决、算出 Bob helped me work out the difficult problem. decide to 决定 I decided to try out for a volunteer. try to do 努力做… I tr to cheer her up. give away 捐赠、赠送 We could give away our old clothes to the poor kids. put up 张贴 They are putting up signs around the school. help (to) do 帮助做 want to do 想去做 learn to do 学习做 decide to do 决定做 how to do 怎么做 volunteer to do 自愿做 need to do 需要做 be able to do 能够做 try to do 努力做 ask…to… 请…去 … tell…to…告诉…去… agree to do 同意做 mind doing sth 介意做 Unit3 take out the rubbish 倒垃圾 do chores 做家务 do the housework do the dishes 洗餐具 fold one's clothes 叠衣服 sweep the floor 扫地 make one's bed 整理床铺 go out for dinner 出去吃晚饭 go to the movies 去看电影 stay out 待在外面 get a ride 搭车 at least 至少 be angry with sb 生某人的气 solve the problem 解决问题 throw down 扔下 come over 过来 all the time 频繁、反复 all day 整天 all the weekend 整个周末 in surprise 惊讶地、惊奇地 as soon as 一…就… as long as 只要 as…as 和…一样 hang out 闲逛 try not to do sth 尽量不去做某事 invite sb to 邀请某人去… help with 帮忙做… a waste of time 浪费时间 in order to 目的是、为了… get good grades 取得好成绩 fall ill 生病 do one's part in 尽某人职责 take care of 照顾、处理 look after as a result 结果 agree with sb 同意某人 agree to do sth 同意做某事 be unfair for sb 对某人不公平 in front of 在…前面(外部)

in the front of 在…前面(内部) take…for a walk 带…去散步 work on 从事于、忙于 neither…nor… 既不…也不… either…or… 或者…或者… provide sb with sth 某人某物 provide sth for sb 为某人某物 depend on 依靠、信赖 shout back… 吼回去、顶嘴 share…with 和…分享 have no idea 不知道 have a test 参加考试 make sb do sth 让某人做某事 let sb do sth 让某人做某事 sb spend…on sth 某人花费…在某事上 sb spend…(in) doing sth 某人花费…做某事 get into 进入 It is important for sb to do sth 对某人来说做某事是重要的 There is (no) need for sb to do sth 对某人来说 做某事是有(没有)必要的 喜欢 (enjoy doing) 盼望 (look forward to doing) 介意(mind doing) 愉快(have fun doing) 完成(finish doing) 练习(practice doing) 忙(be busy doing) 考虑(consider doing) 想要(feel like doing) 放弃(give up doing) Unit4 I don't get enough sleep. My parents don't allow me to hang out with my friends. I have too many after-school classes. I got into a fight with my best friend. I can't get on with my family. …… What should I do? Why don't you do sth Why not do sth You should do sth Maybe you could do sth You'd better do sth Try (not) to do sth Let's do sth How / What about doing sth allow sb to do sth 允许某人做某事 get into (have) a fight with sb 与某人或争吵 look through 快速查看、浏览 big deal 重要的事 get on with sb 与某人关系良好=get along with sb refuse to do sth 拒绝做某事 communicate with sb 和某人沟通、交流 work out 解决、 算出 mind sb doing sth 介意某人做某事 not…anymore 不再 play sports 做运动 get better grades 取得更好的成绩 worry about 担心 cut out 删除、删去 compare …with…比较、对比 be good for 对…有好处 be bad for 对…有坏处 keep on doing sth 继续做某事 go on doing sth 继续做某事 continue doing sth 继续做某事 think of 想到 talk to sb 同某人交谈 talk about 讨论关于… so that 以便、以至于、目的是=in order to be good at doing sth 擅长于做某事 give sth back to sb 归还某物给某人=return forget to do sth 忘记了要去做某事(未发生) forget doing sth 忘记做过了某事(已发生) be angry with sb 生某人的气 all the time 反复、频繁、一直 offer to do sth 主动提出做某事 offer sb sth =offer sth to sb 某物给某人 not…until 直到…才 spend … on sth 花费(时间、金钱)在某事上 argue with sb =quarrel with sb 与某人争吵 hang out 闲逛 hang over 笼罩 compete with (against) sb 和某人竞争 lower stress 减轻压力 send sb to… 派某人去… send sb sth=send sth to sb 送某物给某人 all kinds of 各种各样的 agree /disagree with sb 同意、不同意某人 want sb to do sth 想要某人做某事 turn down 关小、调低(音量(反义词 turn up) find sb doing sth 发现某人正在做某事 特别注意 because 和 so 不能同时出现在一个句子里 although/though 和 but 不能同时出现在一个句 子里

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